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Full Time Programs

The Monmouth County Vocational School District provides seven full time programs.

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Academy of Allied Health & Science, Neptune, NJ
Principal, Paul Mucciarone

The Academy of Allied Health and Science prepares and motivates students to pursue further education towards a career in the medical sciences through a rigorous specialized curriculum and community-based partnerships, inspiring students to serve society with compassion, skill and vision.


Academy of Law & Public Safety, Long Branch, NJ
Principal, Joseph Diver

The Academy of Law & Public Safety is designed to prepare high school students for careers in the field of criminal justice. Students are challenged to achieve in integrated curriculum environment that is carried out by a team of math, science, English, history, physical education, and three law enforcement teachers. The complete program is two years in length, enrolling juniors and seniors in high school.

Field experiences and work-based learning provide student experiences in various law enforcement settings throughout the county. Forensic science, chemistry, and statistics are taught through “hands-on” planned projects. Project studies include: identifying fingerprints, hair and fiber analysis, handwriting analysis, and soil analysis

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Biotechnology High School, Freehold, NJ
Principal, Sharon Bryant

Biotechnology High School, an International Baccalaureate World School, integrates life sciences into a rigorous curriculum that inspires students toward open-minded participation in the global community and prepares students for higher education and leadership in an increasingly demanding workplace, through scholarly research, original investigations, and interactive partnerships.

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Communications High School, Wall, NJ

Principal, James Gleason

CHS provides a college preparatory honors program with a communications focus that serves the community by providing exemplary learning experiences in areas such as New Media, Journalism and Publishing, Commercial Art, and TV/Radio Broadcasting. Every course is offered at the honors level. Students must enroll and successfully complete 40 credits of course work per year to graduate.

High Technology High School, Lincroft, NJ
Principal, Teresa Hough
High Technology High School is a pre-engineering career academy that emphasizes the interconnections among mathematics, science, technology and the humanities while preparing students to become creative problem solvers through a rigorous specialized curriculum and community-based partnerships.

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Marine Academy of Science & Technology, Sandy Hook, NJ
Principal, Earl Moore

The Marine Academy focuses on marine sciences and marine technology/engineering.  The M.A.S.T. program requires each student to participate in the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) in lieu of Physical Education. Facilities include a Marine Biology Laboratory, an Oceanography Laboratory, a C.A.D. Laboratory, a Multi-Media Laboratory, a Marine Technology Workshop, a Media Center containing a Computer Classroom, a Naval Science Building, as well as Chemistry and Physics Laboratories and classrooms for mathematics, history and social science, English, and world languages.

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