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                                        Meet Our Coaches

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The       The Curriculum Coach Team

 The curriculum coaches include seven lead teachers, who represent various content areas across the district: science, math,

  English, history and world languages as well as our full time and shared time programs. This group serves as the liaison          

  between faculty and administration, updating curriculum/common exams, facilitating collegial discussions and keeping a   

  repository of resources for their colleagues.  These are passionate and dedicated educational leaders at the forefront of their



The following teachers serve as the district's curriculum coaches for the 2022-2023 school year:


                                    English, Lynn Barrett, BTHS

                                    Before her tenure as an English teacher at Biotechnology High School, Lynn Barrett earned a Master’s     

                                    degree in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and taught for ten years at Ridgewood

                                    High School in NJ. At Ridgewood High School, she was part of an interdisciplinary team that built a curriculum

                                    combining American history, literature and the arts. At BTHS, Lynn has taught IB Language and Literature, 

                                    English I, English II, and Public Speaking. Her professional interests include integrating nonfiction texts into the

                                    ELA program and creating opportunities for students to showcase and publish their work in the real world.



                                   History, Jessica Cappadona, MAST

                                   Jessica Cappadona holds a B.S. in Adolescent Education with a concentration in Social Studies as well as a   

                                   M.A. in History both from St. John's University. She is proud to be a faculty member at the Marine Academy of

                                   Science & Technology where she currently teaches United States History I as well as the college level dual

                                   enrollment courses American History 101 and 102. 



                                  Math, Justine Lane, CHS

                                  Justine Lane has been a math teacher in the MCVSD district for 18 years and was an electrical engineer

                                  before joining the district. As the Math Curriculum Coach she will be focusing on digitizing the math

                                  curricula, supporting teachers create transfer goals and performance based assessments in the math classroom.







                                    Science, Danielle Jensen, BTHS

                                    Dr. Danielle Jensen, has a BS and MS in molecular biology and a doctorate in eLearning;  she has been a 

                                    member of the science department at Biotechnology High School (BTHS) for close to 20 years.   She currently

                                    serves  as the IB Biology and research teacher at BTHS, as well as the senior mentorship coordinator.



                                    World Languages, Emily Lagrotteria-Petrillo , HTHS

                                    Ms. Lagrotteria-Petrillo began graduated from Villanova University with a BA. She began her career in

                                    Spanish education 13 years ago after graduating from Monmouth University with a Master’s in Teaching:           

                                    Spanish with an endorsement in English as a Second Language. She has taught all levels of Spanish and is a     

                                    proud member of the High Technology High School faculty. In August 2021, Emily graduated from

                                    Georgian Court University with her Master’s in Administration and Educational Leadership.


                                   Full Time CTE Programs, Wendy Green, MAST  

                                   Wendy Green holds an Associates in Specialized Technology Degree in Interior/Exterior Architectural

                                    Design and a B.S. in Industrial Arts/Technology Education. She has been a faculty member at MAST                  

                                    since 1998. She also has been an occasional adjunct at TCNJ. She currently teaches 10th grade

                                    Technology, Engineering & Design and the Senior Capstone course called Systems Engineering II.

                                     Shared Time CTE Programs, Amy McNamara, Shared Time



The Diversity Coaches


The diversity coach team includes two lead teachers from MAST: Christine Rockwell-Wardlow & Clare Ng.  This dynamic

duo provides curriculum focused PD opportunities during in-service days/faculty meetings, presents initiative focused PD for new teachers and develops workshops to ensure faculty professional growth in understanding the role of social and cultural factors in both teaching and learning.  They actively research new pedagogies, curricula, and best practices that address     common classroom challenges in teaching about cultural competence, awareness of racial microaggressions, identity, social difference, and inequality, and train faculty and staff on how to incorporate these into their classrooms. This year, they are also engaging parents in the conversation, sharing resources and tools to better support the LGBTQIA+ people in their lives.

SEL Coach

Ms. Stefanie Garguilo serves as the district's SEL coach, guiding and developing the district's Character Strong curriculum and supporting its implementation throughout the district. She works with teachers, counselors and administrators to support the integration of SEL into the fabric of each school. Ms. Garguilo helps support students in need of SEL intervention and

coordinates the infusion of SEL standards with colleagues under the direction of the Director of School Counseling & Special Education.  Ms. Garguilo started her career as an English teacher and 10 years later pursued a career as a school counselor. Currently,  she works at AAHS and has been there since 2016.  

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