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District Goals

MCVSD worked collaboratively with key district stakeholders to align the 2022-

2023 district professional development goals with the newly strategic planning goals. A continued correlation between newly established district goals and priorities will support the district mission statement:


"The Monmouth County Vocational School District prepares students for an evolving workplace and further education through achievement of the NJSLS and at all grade levels in specialized academic, career, and technical programs and lifelong learning opportunities."

After conducting a needs assessments and meeting with various stakeholders, the district developed the following PD goals:

Goal #1

Diversity and Equity Vision

  • Develop a diverse and inclusive curriculum that reflects the wide range of voices, perspectives, and experiences of the students and families in our community and   the world.

  • Provide regular professional development to assist educators and staff as they increase their understanding of inclusiveness and cultural proficiency.

  • Ensure policies and procedures are consistent with our goals of diversity, equity and inclusion and that they do not act as barriers to success.

Goal #2

Pathways, Industry Credentials and Articulations

  • Draft a certification crosswalk to identify gaps.

  • Increase partnerships with state institutions to increase articulation agreements (NJIT, Kean, NJCU)

  • Collaborate with advisory board members to identify and prioritize high-quality industry-recognized credentials or post secondary pathways for every shared time program.

Goal #3

Social & Emotional Learning Supports

  • Increase educators’ awareness and trauma competency to increase their knowledge about trauma and how it may manifest for their students. 

  • Develop trauma-informed self-care and resilience-building strategies educators can use to help cope.

  • Provide regular professional development to assist educators and staff to be able teach and develop the SEL competencies as well as apply trauma-informed classroom strategies.

Goal #4

Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction

  • Implement consistent curriculum, instruction, and assessments using the UbD framework.

  • Provide regular professional development in the use of instructional best practices and assessment literacy.

  • Provide assessment training, which may include, but is not limited to: collaborative common assessments, digging into data, mapping data cycle, engaging students in using data.

2022-2023 Staff Days

Thursday, Sept. 1

(5 hours)

Tuesday, Sept. 6

(7 hours)

Monday, Oct. 10

(7 hours)

Tuesday, June 20

( 7 hours)

Wednesday, June 21

(7 hours)

Thursday, June 22

(5 hours)




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