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As you create your PD goals, consider using data from your observations. Ultimately, your PDP should be informed by your performance evaluations, taking into account the formative feedback you received and the results from your performance reports. 
Below you will find several worthwhile professional development opportunities, either online or in person to help fulfill your PD goals.
State-Mandated Trainings:
  • Beginning in 2021-22, all MCVSD staff will utilize Global Compliance Network (GCN) to satisfy state-mandated annual and recurring online training requirements.  User instructions can be accessed here.
  • Additional mandated trainings (not accessible via GCN) can be found here.
Online PD:
Out of District Programs & Workshops:
In-District Programs & Workshops:
  • Summer Curriculum Part II Workshop with Dr. Hite - August 19, 2021
  • Fall PD Extravaganza - October 11, 2021 (More info coming soon!)
  • Spring Curriculum Part II Workshop with Dr. Hite - March 31, 2022
Personal Presentations:

Please be sure to get your building principal's approval before delving into online PD. Also, for conferences and workshops, it's important to submit a PD day request via Frontline at least 10 days prior.

PD Resources

2021-2022 Staff Days

Wednesday, Sept. 1

(5 hours)

Thursday, Sept. 2

(7 hours)

Monday, Oct. 11

(7 hours)

Monday, June 20

( 7 hours)

Tuesday, June 21

(7 hours)

Wednesday, June 22

(5 hours)




To request more PD resources:

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